Saturday, 28 February 2015

[Flash Fiction] Thank You for Visiting, Come Again!

(Inspired by a dream)


It’s been a while since the last time I saw him. He seemed well just now. I still can’t believe my sight, but I’m pretty sure it was him. He still looked the same, not much changes, I guess. 

I can’t remember it clearly what happened just now. I tried recalling it by closing my eyes, and I saw I was on the bus with my family, and when we got off, I remembered my sister called out his name. I turned to the bus, and there he was, getting off the same bus with a flat face. I recalled my sister commenting on his expression which didn’t seem too happy. I wondered what was wrong with him, but above it all, he looked fine.

After that, I can’t remember anything else. Well, I kind of remembered I was with him before we got into the bus. We ordered taco or whatever it was. But it was all blur, until the very last part, before I woke up. Dreams are always like that – strange and blur, but this is my first time being very sure it was him, with the face and all that. Not the best picture, I can barely remember it now, but I’m glad I have this dream – one of the dreams that I can actually remember for a longer time.

It’s been almost five years now, but I can’t say I’m fully healed. The truth is, they lied. Time doesn’t heal. Pain doesn’t goes away. What really happens is, that we get used to the pain, so it doesn’t hurt as it did. But it’s still there, and sometimes, we can still feel it. Like every time I remembered that day, when Mom received a call from Dad’s friend, telling us that God finally called him home and released him from all sufferings in this world.

I can’t be more thankful to God for freeing him, and I learned to let him go since I know it is for his own good. I was hurt, but it means nothing when I remember how happy he will be. I’m always grateful to have such a great father, even just for thirteen years. I hope – I mean, I know you’re doing okay there, Dad. Thanks for visiting my dreamland. We really appreciate your visit. Come again next time! We sure miss you.

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