Friday, 13 June 2014

The Lucky Girl Who Isn't Me (Originally by me, Dedicated for Hana)

Hana is female lead character in a novel called Interlude by Windry Ramadhina. I know this sounds weird that I'm writing a song for a novel character, but that's what you do as a true reader and a true fan, even though I never 'met' this girl before. So, Hana, here is for you. 

When you think the world hates you
And everything goes against you
Remember, there are always things that 
Were meant for you
There to make you happy

Though you think you're alone
Though you think you're not worth it
Just so you know
You are still
The lucky girl who isn't me
As much as you think you're not
You are
The lucky girl who isn't me

When you think there's no reason for you to be here
Look around
Those people who stand by you 
No matter what
Loving you as if you deserve it
But you do

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Oh, this may sound like an irony
Asking you to be happy
While all I do is saying
You're luckier than me
But you are
So smile
Cause the world needs it

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FYI, Hana, this is so spontaneous. I wrote it in like... few minutes. But all the feelings are there, can you feel it? I hope you like it, cause I do. Cheers! X

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