Wednesday, 2 April 2014

[Anime Review] Another (2012)

Anime Title   : Another
Directed by  : Tsutomu Mizushima
Produced by : P.A. Works 
Written by   : Ryō Higaki 
Studio        : P.A. Works 
My Rating     : 5 of 5


Another is a Japanese mystery horror anime series adapted from a novel by Yukito Ayatsuji. The story focuses on a mystery curse revolving around students and people related to class 3-3 which cause senseless deaths. That’s pretty much what it is about. I don’t want to describe it too detailed because I don’t want to spoil anything.
I can say this is a horror anime, but in the end, it is more thriller and mysterious. I like this kind of genre, even though it made me shiver because of the bloody scenes. It’s quite creepy, and the horror isn’t like that kind of horror I hate, that creeps people with its shocking sounds. The whole plot and conflicts are creepy, so they don’t need to creeps audience with scary voices. Its creepiness is really unique. The whole mystery succeeded to grow my curiosity. I also love the characters, especially the main ones – Kouichi and Mei. You know what else is unique about this horror anime? It made me laugh at some point, because they do put a funny scene, and also touching and romantic one(s). Love it!! 

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