Saturday, 15 March 2014

[Anime Review] Kokoro Connect (2012)

Anime Title      : Kokoro Connect
Directed by     : Shinya Kawatsura
Produced by    : Silver Link 
Based on        : Light Novel Series by Sadanatsu Anda
Distributed by : Crunchyroll
My Rating       : 5 of 5


Kokoro Connect is a 17-episodes Japanese anime series based on light novel series with a same name. The story involves five high school students — Yaegashi Taichi, Nagase Iori, Inaba Himeko, Aoki Yoshifumi, and Kiriyama Yui — who are all members of the Student Cultural Research Club in their school. One day, they begin experiencing a phenomenon in which they randomly swap bodies amongst themselves. As these five friends face many different strange phenomena, their friendship is put to the ultimate test.
It’s so awesome! So creative with all the phenomena which happen to the five. We can say it’s a bit supernatural, but that’s what makes it cool. It’s also funny and romantic, also sad and touching. It taught me many lessons – about true friendship, identity, your true self, trust, and many more! It’s good for teens who are confused in finding the ‘real’ them. The characters are so lovable, with interesting personalities and backgrounds. So unique and alive!

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