Saturday, 29 March 2014

[Anime Review] GJ-Bu (2013)

Anime Title  : GJ-Bu
Directed by : Yoshiyuki Fujiwara
Written by  : Hideaki Koyasu
Studio       : Dogakobo 
My Rating    : 4 of 5 


GJ-bu (Good Job Club) is a Japanese anime series based on a light novel series with a same name. There are 12 episodes which mainly tells about a high school club with 5 members (later will be 6) – 4 or 5 girls, and a boy. It is an unidentified club that dwells in a room of the former building of a certain school. The series follows the everyday, though unusual, antics of this band of friends. 
There’s not much to tell about this anime with random plot in each episodes, but it is quite entertaining. I quite like the characters, especially the president and the boy. They all have unique characters, and their silly acts are hilarious. It taught a little bit about family and friendship, but it is not the best anime that can be my favorite, unfortunately. 

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