Thursday, 6 March 2014

[Anime Review] Detective Conan the Movie: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital (2003)

Anime Title      : Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital
Directed by     : Kanetsugu Kodama
Produced by    : Michihiko Suwa
Written by      : Kazunari Kochi
Distributed by : Toho
My Rating        : 5 of 5


Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital is a Japanese animated feature film based on the Detective Conan manga series about Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective who is accidentally transformed back into a kid and named himself Conan Edogawa. This is the seventh movie which tells several murders which lead to robbery. Conan and friends go investigate it in Kyoto, where Hattori Heiji, Shinichi’s friend who is also a genius high school detective, visits from Osaka to investigate about the murders. Heiji then also becomes a target, since he is involved somehow due to a past experience. After several attacks, Heiji’s  childhood friend, Kazuha, is then kidnapped by the culprit. Conan and Heiji comes to save her, and also solve the cases - murders and the robbery.
If I have ever mentioned my favorite Conan movie in previous review(s), I take it back. This one is definitely my favorite! Not just it’s my favorite number (seven), this one IS the coolest! Like I said before, I’m starting to like other characters, like some from the police department, and now, Heiji and Kazuha. All my favorite characters are here, how can it not be my favorite? The case is quite interesting as well, and there are twists everywhere – mind-blowing, unexpected, HUGE twists. Shinichi-Ran, Conan-Ai, Heiji-Kazuha should not be in one movie, unless they want me to die of heart-attack. You don’t want to know how my reactions were during the movie. I literally almost fainted of excitement. Lol. 

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