Tuesday, 25 March 2014

[Anime Review] Angel Beats (2010)

Anime Title   : Angel Beats
Directed by  : Seiji Kishi
Produced by : Kenji Horikawa, Hiro Maruyama, Hironori Toba
Written by   : Jun Maeda
Studio        : P.A. Works
My Rating     : 5 of 5


Angel Beats! is a 13-episode Japanese anime television series which takes place at a high school acting as a limbo for those who have died, where students learn to give up any lingering attachments they still have from life before passing on. The story follows a group called Afterlife Battlefront which fights against God and resists to give up. Their only enemy is the ‘Angel’, a girl who has supernatural powers and fights against them. So mainly, the story is about their rebellion, and also the end of it.
It is a fantastic idea with a brilliant plot! It taught me many lessons about the meaning of life. No matter how bad your past is, you just need to accept it and be grateful. How creative to make a new world like that, and all the characters are so alive and unique, with outstanding personalities and backgrounds. I love all of them! It’s a quite sad story, as well. Really touching! About friendship, love, family… It’s all there. It can be romantic and funny, too. All in one. There are 13 episodes, also followed by another episode for ‘another epilogue’, and a special episode, which is really hilarious! Such a twist. It’s sad in the end, but the special episode is tummy-hurting. So funny! I love this series! Team Otonachibana and Yuhinata (I made them myself)! And I really love the opening song!

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