Thursday, 13 February 2014

[Random] Whom People Think Cute Doesn't Work with Me

There are plenty cute guys in the world, as there are plenty fishes in the sea. But then, some guys are too cute until I don't see the cuteness anymore, if you know what I mean. I know people's taste are different to each other, and my taste for guys (okay, this sounds quite weird) is more to cute but unique sort of thing. I will give the examples in other post - I'm not ready yet. There are too many of them. It's an endless list. Lol.

In this post, I will give a list of actors who most of people (especially girls) think are cute, (this is based on my little research in internet, and also in social media, which means, these are also whom my friends or acquaintances think cute/hot) and so popular for their cuteness (or hotness). But first of all, remember, this is my personal thought, so don't take it too seriously (:

1. Brad Pitt
Frankly, I never found him cute. Well, okay, he IS handsome, but there's a bunch of people as cute as him, or even cuter. I even got bored of his face - you know, typical cute guy. Peace, Brad!

2. Ashton Kutcher
Same with Brad, he is cute, but nothing else special about him. I also got bored of him, dunno why. Maybe because he knows he is cute, and be proud about it. I LOVE cute guys who don't have any clue about their cuteness. It makes them cuter, somehow.

3. Ryan Gosling
Another typical cute guy. Boy, there are cuter guys out there. What is so cute about him? I admit, he was pretty good in The Notebook, but he isn't that kind of guys who can make me shiver and fly to the seventh sky.

4. Tom Cruise
He WAS one of my favorites, but I apologize that I had gotten bored of him. Call me freak for not being crazy about him, but I have had my time. 

5. Adam Levine
I don't know what to say about him. I don't see any cuteness. Now I'm starting to feel like the weirdest girl ever. Oh, well. I'm just being honest.

6. Ben Affleck
I don't even know who he is! After a small research, I guess he is popular for playing in Batman? I never liked Batman, but it doesn't really affect this opinion. I just don't see what's so cute about him, and why people are crazy about him.

7. Liam Hemsworth
Another typical cute guy. Hoam.

8. Leonardo diCaprio
He WAS one of my favorites too, but I'm getting bored, as usual. And probably because he's getting old. Sorry, Leo!

9. Ian Somerhalder
Dear, I think I did live under a rock with Patrick all this time. Who is he again? Oh, that Vampire Diaries again. I guess I will make "Popular Series that Can't Attract Me" too.

10. Orlando Bloom
I just heard of him, A LOT, but never really knew which one he is, or who he really is. I just saw him just now, and sorry, he's one of the list. 

11. Chris Evans
He's one of those popular by names but unknown by face for me. I think he's famous for Captain America. Gee, I guess all superhero guys will get the hottest actors awards. 

12. Ryan Reynolds
Another superhero guy from Green Lantern. He is kind of cute, but not that charming attractive one (for me).

13. Hugh Jackman 
He is pretty cool, but well, not my type. Lol.

14. Alex Pettyfer
I don't know him either. And I don't know what makes him famous. I Am Number Four, probably? And sorry, not my type.

15. Andrew Garfield
I know he is from Amazing Spiderman, but I never watched it (not yet), and well, I haven't got his charm.

16. Justin Timberlake
He's pretty cool in In Time, but he's not really charming me.

17. Nathan Sykes
I know he is from The Wanted, and I think he is kind of cute (I just saw him just now, lol), but nah, I don't go crazy about him. And for the record, his 'Almost is Never Enough' with Ariana Granda is not that great. At least, it doesn't make me fall in love at the first heard.

18. Joseph Gordon
If anyone thinks he is cute or hot, well, sorry, I doubt it. He has funny looking face, though. Yes, funny.

19. Josh Hutcherson
Since I'm not attracted to Hunger Games, it counts me out from his charm, too. He is kind of cute, but as usual, not interested.

20. ANY 1D member
Sorry, girls. I just can't.

21. Justin Bieber
Well, he's not even a guy... Ups! Sorry, beliebers! Peace!

22. David Beckham
Not just that I don't like sports, he is not that cute. Is it just me being blind or what?

23. Matt Bomer
Another unknown guy. Gee, I'm seriously down-to-date, if it's even a phrase. I bet he's one of those popular-but-unknown-to-me movie actors. And again, not my type.

24. Chris Hemsworth
I guess he is Liam's family? I don't even bother to look it up. Sorry, unknown guy, I'm not interested.

25. Henry Cavill
He's 2013 sexiest men, Glamour Magazine version, and I don't even know him, let alone think he's sexy. Sorry!

I think that's all I've got, for now. Gee, in one of the articles about Hottest Actors, I only agree about Chris Pine, Paul Walker, James Franco, and Zac Efron. They're not the best, actually. But well, I pretty much love them. 4 of 25! The others are just... typical, or unknown (for me). There are more, actually, but since most of them are unknown (like, at all) to me, I don't bother writing them down. These men whom I put in my list are those who are mentioned by most of my friends, so yeah, I just want to show my disagreement and personal thought, and also showing how different my taste is.

Well, there are some categories for cute guys - my version. 
1. Those cute guys who are actually typical like men on the list, but looks so charming and cool to me because of their roles in movies
2. Some others who are in the middle, between "deserved to be considered as cute and charming by me", or just typical like the men on the list
3. Cute and charming for me, but then, I get bored of them
4. Those who aren't that cute nor charming nor hot, but looks so attractive to me because of their roles in movies

I'm struggling hard to make my own Prince Charming Award, but it's quite hard because those categories make me confused sometimes. Oh, well. I will try harder! Cheers!

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