Thursday, 13 February 2014

[Random] Movies to Watch in 2014

2014 is a torturing yet fantastic year in which I can't watch to many movies because I'm studying abroad and don't want to waste my parent's money too much, but this year actually has so many amazing upcoming movies, that's why it tortures me! I will only watch movies that I really want to watch, but then, there are tons of them! The more I looked it up in Google and Wikipedia, the longer the list is getting. But not all of these movies will be necessarily watched in cinema. These are movies which seem to be cool in my opinion, and I'm definitely planning to watch them, somehow and someday.

1. Frozen
This is the first movie I watched in cinema this year, and I wasn't planning to watch it actually. I just found out about it when it had been released, and when everyone kept babbling about how great it is, I couldn't stop myself from watching it. And yeah, I didn't regret watching it at all.

2. Maleficent
Disney is so annoying. They purposely release many amazing movies this year. This is one of them. I can never resist Disney movies, and this one seems to be really cool. It's a dark fantasy, which I always love, and a modern version of the classic Sleeping Beauty. I love that kind of movie, when they use old stories and turn them into something new and fantastic! 

3. Muppets Most Wanted
I always love Muppets! And it pretty much explains everything, right? How can I miss it?

4. Tinkerbell and Pirate Fairy
Another Disney movies I can't resist - Tinkerbell! Boy, even thinking about it drives me nuts.

5. Step Up: All In
Not a Disney movie, but has always been in my mind since 2 years ago. I love Step Up, and I knew they make each movie once in 2 years, so I've been waiting for the next sequel since I finished watching the last one. I followed the casts' twitter accounts, so I know they're making this movie and they always update the development, making me more excited!

6. Night at Museum 3
Raise your hands up if you're a fan of Night at Museum 1 and 2! I'm raising my legs, too! Boy, I never knew about this sequel till I read someone's post about it. I got excited right away!

7. How to Train Your Dragon 2
I love the first movie so I definitely am looking forward for the sequel!! Besides Disney movies, DreamWorks' are irresistible as well!

8. 22 Jump Street
As a fan of Channing Tatum and Dave Franco, I want to watch this. I have watched the first one, and it's pretty funny, so yeah, I guess this one will be, too. 

9. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
As Chris Pine's fan, and since this one is the first in the top 10 list from Wikipedia, I become curious about this movie...

10. The Monkey King
Boy, I can't believe this. This is my favorite movie since I was a kid! I'm not sure if it's the same, but I bet the story line won't be that different!

11. The Nut Job
I always love animated movies, so when I saw this one, of course I'm curious. But well, I'm not sure I will watch it in cinema. We'll see.

12. The Legend of Hercules
There's Kellan Lutz here, and my friend said it is a good movie, so of course I want to watch it, but don't know when and where.

13. That Awkward Moment a.k.a. Are We Officially Dating? (in Australia)
Zac Efron! I don't need more reasons besides that. Lol. 

14. Labor Day
Kate Winslet?! Seems to be great, but well, I guess I will put it on the bottom of my list. 

15. Winter's Tale
I'm also a fan of Warner Bros., and this movie seems to be interesting...

16. Son of God
It's biblical and about Jesus, of course I want to watch it!

17. Mr Peabody and Sherman
I guess you can guess why I want to watch this... 

18. Veronica Mars
Mystery. Kristen Bell. Enough to make me curious.

19. Noah
Biblical, love it! I hope they don't disappoint me!

20. Divergent
My friend really loves the novel, so I guess I will give it a try.

21. Heaven is for Real
I always adore Christian movies!

22. Rio 2
I love the first one, so of course, I would love to watch the sequel!

23. Transcendence
Warner Bros. Johnny Depp. Morgan Freeman. Sci-fi. Cool enough.

24. The Amazing Spiderman 2
This depends. If I love the first one (which I will watch soon), I will probably consider the sequel. I love Spiderman. He's my favorite superhero, so I'll probably love it.

25. Legend of Oz: Dorothy's Return
There's Lea Michele! It looks pretty cool, so I will probably consider watching it.

26. Neighbors 
There are Zac Efron and Dave Franco in it... And it seems to be a great comedy movie - my favorite genre!

27. Moms' Night Out
You know how I'm easily attracted to Christian movies. They have their own charm on me I can't resist!

28. The Fault in Our Stars
My friends have been talking about this movie and the novel, so I guess I will give it a shot.

29. Edge of tomorrow:
Another Tom Cruise's movie! I love him, especially in sci-fi! 

30. Blended
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore! And Bella Thorne, as well! Comedy with them, esp. Adam, will be hilarious!

31. Planes 2
Duh, isn't it clear I always aim for Disney movies! Even though the first one wasn't really satisfying, it's a good entertainment!

32. Earth to Echo
Another Disney movie. Seems to be cool. This one gets in 'Probably' category, I guess.

33. Jupiter Ascending
Channing Tatum! And Mila Kunis. Well, I'm not a fan of her, but she's one of my inspirations for my original character for my novel - it's a long story how I get to know her. Lol.

34. Hercules: The Thracian Wars
Funny how they have two Hercules movies in a year. I'm gonna watch this one, too. Dwayne Johnson never disappoint me.

35. Into the Storm
Jeremy Sumpter, the grown up Peter Pan. Yes, he's the only reason. So this one gets in to 'Probably' section.

36. The Interview
There's James Franco.. I don't know why, but he's so attractive! Well, I guess you can see why. Lol.

37. Book of Life
Another Channing Tatum's movie. Boy, some actors are great. They can do a lot of movies at a time. How do they do that?

38. Business Trip/Business or Pleasure
Dave Franco... Franco Brothers put a spell on me!

39. Intesellar
Sci-fi with Anne Hathaway. She's also a fantastic actress. How many movies she has done? Tons of them. Not all of them are great, but most of them are amazing. She's so talented. And she also makes me wonder, how does she do that? With all those movies... Does she even sleep at night? Lol.

40. Exodus
Another Christian/Biblical movie. I really hope they do it good like Kendrick Brothers did.

41. Into the Woods
Another Disney musical, with Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine... This is gonna be a hell of a movie!

42. If I Stay
This is definitely on 'Probably' category. The thing is, the novel is so hit, I become curious of it, and of course, the movie.

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