Thursday, 13 February 2014

[Movie Review] Starstruck (2010)

Movie Title       : Starstruck
Directed by      : Michael Grossman
Produced by     : Douglas Sloan
Story by         : Barbara Johns
Teleplay by      : Barbara Johns and Annie DeYoung
Original channel : Disney Channel
My Rating        : 4 of 5


Starstruck is a Disney Channel Original Movie about Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight), a famous pop star and teen idol whose music is very successful all around the world, has agreed to remain out of the tabloids in order to prove that he is serious about landing the role in a movie. Sara Olson (Maggie Castle), an obsessive fan of Christopher Wilde, seeks to use her family's trip to California to visit her grandmother as an opportunity to meet him. Once they arrive, Sara convinces her younger sister Jessica (Danielle Campbell), to accompany her to a nightclub where Christopher is rumored to perform. Sara leaves Jessica outside the club to watch the car while she goes inside. Bored of waiting, Jessica leaves the car to search for Sara and accidentally bumps into Christopher and gets dragged with him in attempt to get away from the paparazzi. 

The two accidentally meet again the next day, and get dragged together, also in attempt to escape from the paparazzi. They get into a heated argument, but end up enjoying their time together. When they almost kiss, they are interrupted when Christopher panics about being recognized. Christopher tells Jessica that no one can know what happened between them, telling her that the paparazzi would ruin her life as well as his. Heartbroken and angry, Jessica returns home to Kalamazoo with her family, but not before the paparazzi notice a connection between her and Christopher. Back in Kalamazoo, Jessica watches Christopher tell a talk show host that he had never met her. Angry, she confronts the paparazzi camped outside her house, and lies to them that she never met the Christopher they re all so obsessed with. Christopher's best friend, Stubby (Brandon Mychal Smith) convinces him to make his own choices. Christopher then proceeds to fire his parents as his managers and turn down the movie role. At Sara and Jessica’s school dance, Christopher surprisingly performs and apologizes to Jessica, and they both reconcile. 

It’s a cute teen-romance movie, and as other ordinary teen movie, it’s quite predictable, and too… over-dramatic. But I like the simplicity, and how it still tells a meaningful moral lesson, that we are free to make our decision in life. It’s quite entertaining and it helps me to release stress. 

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