Monday, 24 February 2014

[Movie Review] She's the Man (2006)

Movie Title      : She’s the Man
Directed by     : Andy Fickman
Produced by    : Lauren S. Donner, Tom Rosenberg, and Gary Lucches
Based on        : Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
Distributed by : DreamWorks
My Rating        : 4.5 of 5


She's the Man is an American romantic comedy film about Viola Hastings (Amanda Bynes), a high school soccer player whose girls' soccer team has just been cut by the school. After her request to join the boys’ team is refused by the coach, she finds a way to play for her school’s rival. Viola's twin brother, Sebastian (James Kirk), is supposed to enter that school as a new student, and since he is instead going to a contest in London with his band, Viola decides to pass herself off as Sebastian and join the boys' soccer team in his school. She hopes to beat her school’s team and humiliate her ex-boyfriend, Justin (Robert Hoffman). With the help of her friends, Viola becomes the quirky "Sebastian". She gets into a lot of trouble, but in the end, she manages to fit in, also get into the soccer team and beat her old school’s team. But secrets can’t be kept forever. Both Viola and Sebastian eventually reveal their secrets, which fortunately don’t cause them too much trouble.
It’s a hilarious and fun comedy with such a brilliant plot! I really enjoy it. I was surprised when I found out that this movie is inspired by one of Shakespeare’s works. I just didn’t see it coming. Now, I’m wondering how much it inspired the movie makers. The conflicts are not so unpredictable, but quite fun and entertaining. What made me really curious was how Viola manages to get out from so many problems, and I was satisfied with the ending. The casts are fantastic! Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, boy I love them!

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