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[Movie Review] Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Movie Title      : Sense and Sensibility
Directed by     : Ang Lee
Produced by    : Lindsay Doran
Based on        : Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
Distributed by : Columbia Pictures
My Rating        : 3 of 5


Sense and Sensibility is a British-American period drama film about Dashwood family who just lost the father – Mr. Dashwood (Tom Wilkinson). His wife (Gemma Jones) and three daughters – Elinor (Emma Thompson), Marianne (Kate Winslet), and Margaret (Emilie François) – are left with an inheritance of only £500 a year. The bulk of his estate is left to his son John (James Fleet) from a previous marriage. John and his greedy, snobbish wife Fanny (Harriet Walter) immediately install themselves in the large house. Fanny invites her brother Edward Ferrars (Hugh Grant) to stay with them. Edward and Elinor soon become good friends. 

Mrs. Dashwood and her daughters then move to Mrs. Dashwood’s cousin’s cottage house. Marianne meets the older Colonel Brandon (Alan Rickman), who falls in love with her at first sight, but then Marianne falls in love with John Willoughby (Greg Wise). But then, Willoughby suddenly moves to London and plans to marry someone else, leaving Marianne broken-hearted. Elinor is also left broken-hearted when she finds out Edward has been sevcretly engaged to other woman. One day, Marianne is sick, so her sister and Colonel Brandon take care of her. When she recovers, she starts to build relationship with Colonel Brandon, while Edward, who suddenly visits them, tells them that he breaks the engagement as his fiancée falls in love with his own brother, and he himself falls in love with Elinor. 

Wow, I made it very clear and simple, eh? Sorry if I spoiled anything. As you can see, I start to push myself to watch classic historical romance movie – if that’s what it’s called. I’m planning to read the novels, but my sister suggested to watch the movies first, so that’s what I’m trying to do. I understand why Jane Austen is famous for romance novels. She is brilliant. I can see how her idea of the story is amazing. I would love to read her novels, but I’m very sorry to say I didn’t really enjoy the movies. The plot and conflicts are great, but not too engaging for a movie. That’s why I prefer to read the novels, because there’s something about novel that can’t be fully adapted to movie, if you know what I mean. Some stories are meant to be written, some others are meant to be watched. That’s my opinion. The casts are great. I still adore Kate Winslet. She’s an amazing actress. I’m glad to see Hugh Grant there, and I honestly expected to see Kate and Hugh together, but well, it’s not how the story works. As usual, I love the setting – old-fashioned England. It is a great movie, but not my favorite, that’s all.

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