Monday, 24 February 2014

[Movie Review] The Other Side of Heaven (2011)

Movie Title      : The Other Side of Heaven
Directed by     : Mitch Davis
Produced by    : John Garbett and Gerald R. Molen
Based on        : In the Eye of the Storm by John H. Groberg
Distributed by : Buena Vista Pictures
My Rating        : 4 of 5


The Other Side of Heaven is an American adventure drama film about John Groberg (Christopher Gorham), who receives his mission call to serve in Tonga. After a long journey, he finally arrives in Tonga and meets his companion, Feki (Joe Folau), a native Tongan who also speaks English. They are assigned to serve in a remote island of the mission. John is greeted with contempt by the island people. He goes through culture shock as he adjusts to the Tongan culture, difficulty with the Tongan language and with a local minister has told the people not to listen to John or to his message. He then begins to learn the Tongan language, and it gets easier for him to adapt. There are a lot of challenges, but John faces it all in faith to God. He manages to get people’s attention to listen to him. 
John starts to travel to other islands nearby and does ministries there. He teaches God’s word and also builds school. When his mission finally ends, the people thank him for all he has done for them, and John heads back home to the United States. Throughout his mission, John and his girlfriend, Jean (Anne Hathaway), keep in contact by letters. They remain faithful to each other and are married after John returns home. They have children and continue to serve in the church. They also visit the Tongan islands several times.
It’s a meaningful story, but too bad I didn’t find it too engaging and touching. I’m glad that they talk about God in the movie, but too bad it’s not much about His word. I think it will be better if they show more about John teaching God’s word. To be honest, I watched this movie to see Christopher Gorham, and he plays good. There’s Anne Hathaway as well, and other talented casts. The setting is interesting, and I still like the idea of a man who goes to remote islands to teach God’s word. And it is based on true story. Pretty cool!

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