Thursday, 13 February 2014

[Movie Review] My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (2010)

Movie Title   : My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend
Directed by  : Daryn Tufts
Produced by : Rick McFarland and Alyssa Milano
Written by   : Daryn Tufts
My Rating     : 5 of 5


My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is an American romantic comedy about a struggling writer, Ethan (Christopher Gorham), who tries hard to get his manuscript published, but never got a chance. Disappointed and exhausted from his many attempts, Ethan retreats to a local café and while recording his thoughts into his personal journal, he meets a waitress named Jesse (Alyssa Milano) and is instantly attracted to her outgoing personality and beauty. He asks for her phone number so they can go on a date together and she cheerfully agrees. Moments after Ethan leaves, a handsome patron named Troy (Michael Landes) enters the café and also asks Jesse on a date to which she also agrees.

So, Jesse begins to date both Ethan and Troy, who have oppositions in everything. Ethan and Troy both are in love with Jesse, and Jesse seems to be doubtful whom to choose. Ethan is inspired and motivated a lot by Jesse, as she stops him from giving up his dreams. The more Ethan gets along with Jesse, he starts to notice that Jesse is hiding something from him. He tries to convince her that she can tell him anything, but Jesse keeps denying it and prefers not to tell him. Jesse is also getting along pretty well with Troy, and one day, he asks her to leave town with him, as Ethan proposes marriage to her moments later. Jesse becomes emotionally distraught over fear of revealing the truth and decides to end her relationship with Ethan and leave town with Troy.

Heartbroken but determined to fulfill his promise to Jesse to finish his novel, Ethan submits his work and is overjoyed when he finally gets it published. As he is on the phone with his agent, he receives a missed call from Jesse. Ethan then finds out that Jesse is leaving, so he tries to chase her, but only to find that he has missed Jesse’s flight. He returns home and is surprised to find Jesse waiting for him in his apartment. The truth is finally revealed, and there is a big twist there, that I don’t want to spoil at all.

I hope you’re not disappointed that I refuse to spoil the ending, because it’s just too good I want you all to watch it by yourself. Believe me, it’s the best romantic movie ever! It’s not really a comedy, nor a tearjerker. It’s somewhere in between, and I really like it! Like previous movies I’ve been watching, I’m always happy to find one of the characters wants to be a writer, too. Always love that kind of movie! 

Boy, how I adore Christopher Gorham! Truth to be told, I watched this movie because I knew he’s one of the casts – main cast, actually. And of course, I’m very thrilled! He, and all the casts, play their roles very brilliantly! And the plot, is the most genius plot for a romantic movie for this genre! The twisted ending… It’s so unpredictable I got confused at first. But when the understanding hit me, I was knocked out! Love it! Daryn Tufts, I adore you! And the title is really attractive, eh?

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