Thursday, 13 February 2014

[Movie Review] Courageous (2011)

Movie Title      : Courageous
Directed by     : Alex Kendrick
Produced by    : Stephen Kendrick
Written by      : Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick
Distributed by : TriStar Pictures
My Rating       : 5 of 5


Courageous is an independent Christian drama film about five men – Adam Mitchell (Alex Kendrick), Shane Fuller (Kevin Downes), and David Thomson (Ben Davies) who are officers, Nathan Hayes (Ken Bevel), a new deputy who has recently moved in, and Javier Martinez (Robert Amaya), an immigrant struggling to provide for his family. The movies starts with Nathan’s car being stolen, and he’s trying to save his son inside the car. He manages to do it, then Adam and Shane arrive to take care of things, then discover who Nathan is. Adam, Shane, David and Nathan instantly become best buddies as a group of officers, while Javier who is first hired by Adam to help him build a shed, join them at last. Adam is a father of two, while Nathan is a father of three who never meets his father, instead treating a neighbor as his father. Shane is divorced, as were his parents, and has joint custody of his son, while David is young and single.

The story gets more engaging when Adam’s daughter is killed in a car accident, leaving her broken-hearted family. Adam then realizes he hasn’t been a very good father and plans to be a better one by reading a lot about fatherhood in the Bible. He decides to make a detailed "Resolution" to honor God in every aspect of his family. He asks his friends to join him, and the four of them agree. Adam rebuilds a relationship with his son, while Nathan mends his relationship with his daughter. He also visits the grave of his biological father who he had never met and forgives him. Shane improves his relationship with his son, while David, who is revealed to be a father of a little girl, reunites with his daughter and the mother. Javier gets promoted by his employer and gets along very well with his family. When things seem to be good, a secret is revealed, causing one of them gets thrown into jail. At a Father's Day church service, Adam urges the fathers in the congregation to be a Godly influence on their families. 

Another impressive, touching, Christian movie from Kendrick Brothers. Boy, I really adore them. They always have meaningful and touching stories for their movies, with such a brilliant plot and engaging conflicts. I always found myself crying while watching their movies. The casts are so talented. They act so well until I forgot this is just a movie. It felt so real, because all the conflicts really do happen in real life. It teaches the audience tons of meaningful lessons, that you will regret if you miss them. This is really good for family, especially parents (fathers) to watch it. 

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