Friday, 21 February 2014

[Movie Review] The Clique (2008)

Movie Title      : The Clique
Directed by     : Michael Lembeck
Produced by    : Bob Levy and Leslie Morgenstein
Based on        : Teen novel series by Lisi Harrison
Distributed by : Warner Premiere
My Rating        : 4 of 5


The Clique is a direct-to-DVD film about Claire (Ellen Marlow) who just moves into Massie’s guest house and is not accepted into the exclusive club of Massie (Elizabeth McLaughlin) and her friends. Claire goes to drastic measures to get on with Massie and friends, and is willing to do anything for it – even doing misdeeds. Things get worse for Claire, but then at one point, she turns from hero to zero, and finally reconciles with Massie, even though it is not showed whether she can join the ‘clique’ or not.
Sorry if it’s too short. The thing is, this movie is a simple chick lit, so I’d rather not to tell too much, or you won’t find it too interesting, because the plot is quite predictable. It is entertaining, though, and the casts are talented and good-looking. It taught me a lesson, to cherish friendship and not to be bad to others. Its simplicity is actually enjoyable.

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