Friday, 21 February 2014

[Anime Review] AIURA

Anime Title   : AIURA
Directed by  : Ryōsuke Nakamura
Produced by : Liden Films, Pony Canyon, & Tohokushinsha Film Co.
Written by  : Ryōsuke Nakamura
Studio        : Liden Films
My Rating    : 3.5 of 5


Aiura is an anime television series based on on-going manga series by Chama. I just watched 8 episodes, not knowing there are 12 of them, but I think I will skip this one, because I’m not so interested. Each episode only has 4 minutes, includes a minute of intro in the beginning, and a half minute or more for ending credits. So, I didn’t feel like I got anything. 
The story is about three high school girls - Kanaka Amaya, the moodmaker, who is always spirited but annoying; Saki Iwasawa, the unmotivated; and Ayuko Uehar, the middleman. I’m not sure what this anime is about. Pretty much about their high school life. It’s quite entertaining and funny, but I wasn’t satisfied. 

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