Friday, 10 January 2014

My Book Reviews

Hi, there! 

As you all know, I really love reading books (especially novels), and a true reader should write book reviews, too (in my opinion). 

I started to write reviews because of a small event from Yes24, at which I should send at least one review every week, and if mine is chosen, I can get any book from them for free. Since then, I kept writing reviews. I guess the event is ended now, but it won't stop me from writing book reviews. I know my reviews are not as good as other reviewers', and I'm a bit ashamed for it. 

So, I'm trying to make it better. I didn't usually write a review right after I finished the book, so I kinda forgot what I felt or thought when I was reading it. That caused lack of 'feelings' and details when I wrote the reviews. So, I'm planning to write reviews right after I finish the books. 

For the old reviews, I tried to edit it and give some details I could add. I'm planning to rewrite or revise those reviews after I re-read the books (if I have time). 

I posted some of my reviews in Goodreads and Yes24 as well. I will try to make those reviews better, too. And GagasAddict also lends some of my reviews (and I am really honored), so I  hope I can do my best for them.

That is a lot of work, so I will try my best. Wish me luck!

P.S. For my 'age' range: Teens are school students (especially high school), young adults are for after school, adults are the ones which contain 'adult' scenes (this is subjective). I hope you're not confused. 


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